Warm Winter

So far we have had an exceptionally warm and wet January.  The crew and myself have been keeping busy despite the extremely wet conditions on the course.  Let’s just say it’s been “Cart Path Only” when out working.

We have done some tree work around the course.  We’ve limbed up some areas around the course to help clean it up visually and allow more room for those trick shots out of the rough.  We have removed a few dead ash trees and a few dead spruce.  We planted 2 new spruce, one to the right of #10 tee and the other along the fence on the left of #4 fairway.   We have many more to remove, majority of them being Ash trees that have been damaged by the Emerald Ash Borer.

During the recent rainy days, we have refurbished the bag drop station.  Ken Hiles took it upon himself to strip it and restore it better than before.  It took a lot of work but he did a great job.  The crew helped out as much as possible and finished it off with a few fresh coats of paint.

Holy Moley!  Last week a mole tunneled its way across #5 green.  Fortunately, we check on the greens daily and noticed it early.  Kyle and myself spent a couple of hours mending and leveling the putting surface.  Minimal damage was done.  When we finished fixing the damage,  it looked as if it was never there.  See the picture below of the damage and a picture of the green after the repair.