Aerification! Round 1

Spring is the perfect time of year for aerification.  This past week, the greens were punched with 1/2″ tines, top-dressed, brush rolled, and fertilized.  This process went smoothly and the crew did a tremendous job.  The 1/2″ holes won’t take long to grow in with proper fertilization and hydration.  Aerifying has many benefits for turf health. A major benefit is thatch removal and control.  Thatch is a layer of organic matter that accumulates around the base of the grass plants, a combination of dead and living plant matter.  Thatch may cause the playing surface to be spongy, holding moisture and denying water from reaching the root zone.  Aerifying improves water movement into the soil and gas exchange with the atmosphere, creating more pore space for healthy root growth while relieving compaction.

The driving range renovation has started.  Golf Creations was on sight last Friday and have been making progress ever since.  Shaping is taking place and the construction of our USGA practice green is well underway.  Stop by on your way to the south chipping green and check out the work!

Our first event was last weekend.  For the spring event we introduce our new cups and flag pins.  Top of the line quality for our top of the line course!


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