Already Memorial Day!

Over the past month, the maintenance staff has been very busy getting everything in mint condition for the summer.  We have had some great weather and some not so great.  Overall, the course has been very busy and the playing conditions have only been improving.

We have added 25 tons of sand to some of the greenside bunkers.  This will be an ongoing process all year.  Our main focus is on the greenside bunkers, repairing the liner and adding sand where needed.  With 25 tons of sand, we were able to address 8 of our worst bunkers.  Many more to go!

This past week we verti-cut tees. This is a process were vertical blades rip through the canopy of the turf and remove thatch allowing the turf to breath, better absorb nutrients, and soak in moisture.  We followed this practice with a fertilizer application.  #9 Blue & White tee were aerified this week as well.  We pulled 1/2″ cores then top-dressed, seeded, and fertilized these tees.  We hope to see some turf growth soon, making these tees playable for this season.

Mulching has been completed at the clubhouse and we are currently finishing off the course beds.  Flowers have finally arrived and will be planted as soon as possible.  We have picked out some new flowers for this season with a variety of different colors!