Soaking Wet Summer

July 2017 has been one of the most unpredictable months I’ve seen here at Heritage.  Last year was a completely different story.  It seems as if rain is hard to come by in the summer months but not this season.  This July we saw 7.21″ of rain here at the golf course, much more than we saw all spring.   A few challenges popped up due to the wet and humid weather,  we took the proper steps to combat any disease that tried to rear it’s head.   Staying on our weekly greens program helped them stay healthy through the humidity.   Fairway and tees held up nicely as well.  Small pockets of disease did form in #16 fairway but our fungicides knocked it out quickly.  We spray tees and fairway every 14 days, which is a solid program.  The pressure for disease was off the charts but our plan worked as expected.  The golf course is green and healthy going into August!!

The 2017 Heritage Cup took place last week.  The grounds crew had the course in great shape!  The playing conditions were nice for the practice rounds on Thursday.  After Friday morning set-up, the conditions were right where I wanted them.  Fairways were finally drying out and the greens were picking up speed.  Unfortunately, it didn’t last long.  The members and their guest got through one hole and then the rain came rolling back in.  A storm hit around 9am and dumped 1.36″ in about an hour.  Needless to say the course was wrecked.  The crew did everything we could to get it back into shape so the Cup could continue on.  My crew spent hours each morning pushing up bunkers, fixing the wash outs in almost every bunker on the course.  Once again the rain came Saturday with another .5″ of rain, basically taking us back to square one.  I owe my crew a huge thank you for hustling and working hard, cleaning up debris all over the course.  From tee to green many holes were covered but we did an awesome job of getting them cleaned off.  We lost a couple more trees in this round of storms but none cause any major damage to the course.  Overall, the Cup was a success.  The golfers got in every round and a new team of champions made their way into the Heritage history books.

This month I have been actively treating the rough for grubs.  I have been applying an insecticide to the rough to keep it safe from any insect damage we normally see at this time into the fall.  We will be applying more fertilizer to the green surrounds to keep them nice and thick for the fall season, just how we all like it.