Fall Update

Fall has finally come.  The leaves are changing and starting to come down fast.  We do our best everyday to remove leaves from areas in play to provide the best conditions.  When it’s windy, some holes tend to get recovered quickly and we will do our best to stay on top of it.

Last week we aerified fairways.  The same company came in to do the punching as years past.  They do a great job and are very professional.  This year we moved aerification back a couple months to avoid any extra heat stress which may lead to turf loss.  We had a lot of rain leading up to the process which made clean up a little difficult.  All the clean up is done in house by my crew.  We worked sun up to sun down to get the fairways cleaned off.  Some holes (#6) were still very saturated and clean up was a little messy.  Overall it was a success and we should see them healed up in about another week.  The soft ground allowed us to pull very deep plugs which will be beneficial for next season.  Aerification removes thatch which causes a number of problems.  Thatch is dead organic matter the builds up on top of the soil surface.  Thatch can cause poor drainage which also keeps water from getting to our rootzone.  Thatch can stay moist on top which will accelerate the onset of diseases.  Coring the surface relieves compaction giving our roots pore space to grow into.  If we did not aerify, we would see a major decline in our turf health and playability, leading to large areas of dead turf.

This season was a success for us down here at maintenance.  We lost little to no turf and kept the course consistent.  I want to thank my crew for working long hours and keeping our course is great shape.  I understand our bunkers are in need of more sand and it’s coming.  As I said in the past it’s an ongoing process.  There are many in need and we are getting more sand every chance we can.

I want to thank our membership as well.  The smallest compliment to anyone on my staff really has a big affect on them.   My crew works hard and it keeps moral up when they get good feedback.  Enjoy the final months of the season and hit ’em straight!