Summer Stress


The summer heat is here and our crew is busy keeping up with it.  Our turf becomes extremely stressed at this time of year.  Air temps are in the 90s and soil temps climb up as well.  High soil temps cause roots to shrink making it harder for the plant to take up water and nutrients.  Soils can become hydrophobic causing H20 to pass through without giving our roots a chance to drink it in. We do use products to help combat this natural stress.  A wetting agent was applied to our greens this past Monday.  This product, called Neptune, helps water molecules hold to the soil producing laminar moisture throughout the root zone.  This application does cause the greens to be a little wet for a few days until it has been watered in completely.  Overall this helps our irrigation become more efficient.  Without this monthly application we would see many more localized dry spots, causing wilt and death of the plant.  You will see us out watering greens in the afternoon throughout summer.  It is a necessary process if we want to keep turf alive to putt on.

pg feet marks

The picture above is a great example of extra stress that can be avoided.  These are foot prints on the putting green.  Please DO NOT stand in the same exact spot for extended periods of time while practicing.  If this continues, with this heat,  we will have a major problem with dead spots on our putting green.  Please try and move around a little if you decide to practice putting for an extended period of time.

Enough of the stress talk,  we have an exciting new addition to the course.  #9 has an alternate blue/white tee coming soon.  The tee is 34’L x 14’W.  This is not replacing a tee, it’s simply an extra tee to provide new placements and extra turf.  The sod was picked up by myself this morning.  It is 007 bentgrass from Boyd sod farm in New Castle, Pennsylvania.  The rough sod around it did get a little hot while rolled up in this heat but it’ll be just fine.

We recently aerified the existing blue and white tees. , fertilized and seeded them as well.  We hope to have our existing blue and white tees in top shape for the Heritage Cup.