Summer Update

August is almost here,  but it seems as if it’s been here for months.  This July we experienced weeks of 90+ heat with almost no rain to speak of.  According to the annual records, on average, Columbus receives around 3″ to 4″ of rain in July.  This year was very far from average for our area of the city.  While other parts of Columbus were receiving more rain then they could handle,  we pretty much received none.  From June 27th until July 20th, we received .03″ of rain at the course.  The effects were obvious but my crew handled it very well.  As we’ve seen in years past,  a few tees were injured from the lack of natural rain water.  My assistant, crew members, and myself were pulling hoses and hand watering all parts of the course on a daily basis.  Most days we are hand watering the same areas 2 to 3 times to help make it through.    This past weekend, during the Heritage Cup, we received 1.23″ of rain and it shows.  The rough has started to perk back up and a lot of stressed areas are healing quickly.  Thanks to all the golfers for being patient as the crew moves around the course watering.

One good outcome of little rain is less disease pressure.  Our greens are treated weekly, tees and fairways bi-weekly.  This season we have seen little to no disease on the bentgrass and zero on greens!  Turf health is the most important part of our management and the program we have established is working tremendously.

Ball marks on our greens have been a major issue this season.  We fix them in the mornings as we set up the course but sometimes its too late and too much.  Fixing your ball mark as you walk onto the green is much more efficient than trying to fix them a day later.  Please remember to check and fix marks hole to hole.  Topdressing our greens will help and we do so, but this isn’t something that can happen on a daily basis.

We hope everyone is having an awesome summer!  It seems as if some slightly cooler temps are coming, making conditions more favorable for great golf!  Enjoy the rest of the summer cause fall will be here before we know it……. GO BUCKS!