Fall Projects

There are a few small ongoing projects around the course this fall.  We are currently in the middle of tee aerification which is an process we conduct twice a season, Spring and Fall.  The approaches and fairways will be aerified as well.  Fairway aerifcation is scheduled for November 5th & 6th.   As we all know aerification is highly beneficial for turf health. Removing thatch and relieving soil compaction will help promote better water movement through the soil and create poor space for root growth.

We decided to reshape #12 tee box.  The tee box was one long tee with two hills throughout it.  These hills within the tee box are useless for teeing ground.  We decided to cut the bent off of these hills and re-sod them with a turf type fescue.  This created 3 separate tees which we believe give the complex a much better look.  This allows less mowing and less chemical input to this tee alone.  We saved the bentgrass that was removed and have been using it around the course.  First, we used the harvested bentgrass to re-sod #15 Dye tee.  The rest of the sod is layed out in the parking lot of our shop and will be used for remaining drainage projects

Another project we have started is fairway drainage installation.  We have already added 3 new drains to #6 fairway.  The areas have been problematic for years, holding water after any rain event.  The saturation drowns the turf and would kill these small areas annually.  The drains added should keep these “bird bath” puddles off the fairway, keeping the turf healthy and playable.  More drains will be added to #16 and #17 fairway as well.  Lets hope the weather cooperates so that we can finish them all appropriately.

Happy Halloween and GO BUCKS!!

David Norris, Superintendent