Looking forward to 2019

I hope everyone had a wonderful and relaxing holiday season.  It’s 2019 which means another great season of golf is ahead of us.  Unfortunately, for now the greens are closed for the winter months.  Temporary pins have been place in the approaches until further notice.

For the next couple of months the grounds crew will stay busy on and off the course.  We have some small projects around the course that’ll help improve the overall experience.  As long as weather cooperates we will be continuing to add drains in a couple fairways (#16/#17).  Cart paths will be addressed and improvements will be made as well.  There will be a couple small changes around the course but they won’t necessarily have an impact on your score.

These changes include the removal of #13 “turn-around”.   This section of path is often misused and not large enough for everyone to use correctly.  This section has also been a problem for golfers approaching the green, especially going for it on their second shot. The turn-around is just close enough to the green’s complex that some shots hit this section and proceed to rocket off into the lake or no-mow area near by.  The turn-around will be removed, drainage will be added, and turf will be established.   This will create a nice area to hit from without interference.  We ask that carts stay up on the existing path, as they should on every hole around the greens and tees!

#15 tee will see a small improvement as well.  This consist of removing the old rail road ties.  These ties have eroded and are often slick due to moisture.  They will be taken out and the ground will be beveled down to the cart path for safe access to the tee.

Ash tree removal is an ongoing process at the course.  We have take out over 250 ash trees since I arrived here in 2013.  This winter will be no different.  Tree removal will take place,  none of which will impact the way the course plays.  This is for safety purposes.

There will be a lot of work done off the course as well.   Tee markers will get a fresh coat of stain and paint.  We will be fabricating cart traffic stakes as well.   We will be using a lot more of these to direct traffic where needed. Hopefully keeping all 4 wheels of the carts on the path around tees and greens.

More updates will be posted throughout winter.  The 2019 golf season will be here before we know it.  Until then,  stay warm and GO BUCKS!!


Dave Norris, Superintendent