Winter Update

It’s been an interesting winter to say the least.  Hoping for some warm and dry days in our near future.  Until then the grounds crew will keep busy preparing for the 2019 season.   Over the past month we’ve gotten a lot of work done on and off the course setting us up for a great spring.

We removed the cart path “turn-around” by #13 green.   Once the weather breaks we will be sodding the area.   This season we ask that carts exit the fairway where directed and stay on the path once approaching the green.  With the turn-around removed, we believe golfers will be tempted to drive down closer to the green but please refrain.   Rope and stakes will be used so that everyone gets the idea.   The area will now be more friendly for play and the last thing we want to see is cart traffic on the newly turfed area.

We have done a lot of tree work around the course and range.  Trees all around the course have been trimmed, taking off low hanging limbs that are unsightly and possibly dangerous.   These limbs were too low blocking shots and even crowding the cart path.  The path by #9 tee has been trimmed back down to the creek.  This opened the area up and gives us a nice clean view of the water.  The path was being overgrown and needed knocked back.  Multiple dead trees were pulled out of the creek there as well.

The creek between #14 green & #15 tee has been cleared as well.  This gives us a clear view incase anyone is coming across the bridge, making it safe for traffic.   This also opens up the area for #15 tee, giving it better air movement which will benefit the turf and help keep disease at bay.   Not to mention a little more sunlight as well.  More ash trees have been removed,  none of which will change the way any holes are shaped.

During the bitter cold the crew worked in the shop.  We stained and repainted all tee markers and made 200 more traffic stakes which you’ll see by many greens and tees.   This past season we saw more traffic and every little bit helps when it comes to controlling where the carts go.

Let’s all hope spring comes sooner than it did last year!  I’m ready for sunshine and green grass!

Until then,


Dave Norris, Superintendent