Greens are open! Spring is here!

The greens are open for the 2019 season.  The crew has worked long hours to get the course prepared for Spring.   There is some debris clean up left to do but the majority has been addressed.  We have a lot going on out there and we have accomplished a lot in a short time.

150 tons of new tour grade sand has been added to the front 9 greenside bunkers.   This process takes a lot of time and effort.   The bunkers were absolutely wrecked coming out of winter (before/after pictures below).  We spent time blowing them out and moving the existing sand back to where is once was.  While moving the existing sand, matting was repaired and buried. Then the process of adding new sand began.  We used all 150 tons in the front 9 greenside bunkers.  These bunkers were also edged before hand.  Fairway bunkers have already improved since last season.  We spent days pushing and hand shoveling the existing sand back to where it needed to be.  This helps eliminate the matting issues we’ve been having.  There are a few fairway bunkers that will receive new sand but greenside come first.  Fairway bunkers will be edged as well within the next month.  We will be adding another 150 tons of tour grade sand to the back 9 greenside bunkers starting now.   More loads of sand arrived today!

The turf is alive and healthy.  We had zero snow mold issues this year.  The fungicide app in December held up all winter.  Greens are starting to green up slowly.  Proxy, a growth retardant for poa seedheads has been applied to our greens and collars.  Proxy is applied to keep poa from producing those annoying seedheads we hate to see, and putt over, in the spring.   Our greens have less than 5% poa on them and by applying Proxy,  the spread of poa will minimize without the production of a seed.

Fairways and tees are starting to green up as well.  Over the past week, fairways have greened up tremendously.  Tees have been a little slower to take off but they will with warmer soil temps soon.   Rough hasn’t really started to take off just yet, although areas that received dormant fertilizer have.  Sod has been ordered,  it’s just a matter of time until they can harvest our order.  This should be very soon.  Sod will be placed at #13 where the path was removed.  More sod will be placed around a few greens and along cart path edges that are rutted or bare.

There are a few more projects in the making.  One will be cart path repair.  We are also looking to address the issue of our lake banks eroding.  Hoping I will have more to update here this coming month.  Until then, enjoy the golf course and keep our fingers crossed that we’ve seen our last snow this season.


-Dave Norris, Superintendent