April Showers bring… May showers?

April was an extremely busy month for the crew here at Heritage.  A lot of small projects were finished up and a few more were started.  Hundreds of pounds of seed was planted, thousands of square feet of sod was laid, and greens got aerified.  Not to mention almost 300 tons of sand has been added to our greenside bunkers.

Areas around #1,9,12 were slit seeded two directions.  Followed by a heavy fertilizer application.  These two holes (#1 and #12) have been cart path only and will remain this way for a few more weeks.  We have seen tremendous improvement in the seeded areas and don’t want to ruin it by letting carts in too early.  We need to give it a little more time to mature before we drive over it.

8 pallets of sod was installed around the course.  This was used on #13 where the turn-around had been removed amongst other areas that were in need.  #14 greenside was sodded along with a few cart path edges and the front drive.  More sod will be coming throughout the spring to keep our course looking good and playing better.

Greens were aerified two weeks ago and have healed nicely.   Instead of traditional core aerification, we opted for an aggressive vertical cutting.  This machine is called a Graden, which we used last spring as well.   The Graden cuts vertical channels over an inch deep into the surface of the green.  The blades remove organic matter from the soil.   As the Graden removes the troublesome organic material, it fills the channel with dry sand.   Removing this organic matter will improve drainage on the greens surface while firming it up for better playability.  This process also helps combat against disease which will harbor in thatch and organic matter.

The crew will be focusing on some detail oriented goals the next couple of weeks.  This includes edging, weeding, and mulching remaining beds around the clubhouse and course.   We will start edging the fairway bunkers so they look as good as our greenside.  We will  also continue spraying rough for weeds.


13tGraden 2019

We hope everyone is enjoying the course so far this spring.  We will try and make the rain hold off!

Go Bucks!

-Dave Norris, Superintendent