Summer Is Here!

What a month June has been. On average, in Columbus, we get about 10 days of rain and 4 inches the entire month. With two days to go, we’ve already seen 15 days of precipitation and 6 inches. The crew worked hard on the days of heavy rainfall to fix washed-out bunkers and squeegee puddles in the fairways.  The course has handled the rain well with minimal damage.

This time of year we start to see many factors that stress our turf.  One unseen factor that can be the most harmful are Nematodes.  Nematodes are microscopic parasites that feed on the roots of our turf which stunts growth.  Damaged roots struggle to take in the needed amount of water and nutrients for the turf to remain healthy.  The lesions caused by the parasites make the plant more susceptible to disease.  Early this month we applied a nematocide to our greens that will protect our turf for the next 6 months.  This application will protect our roots creating a healthier playing surface.

You may also have noticed a couple of changes on the course recently. We stripped the bentgrass from the hill on number 1 tee and replaced it with Kentucky bluegrass sod. This removed the unteeable area from the box and adds a different height of turf for aesthetics.  Another small project was the addition of stone on the creek bank left of #12 green.  This will protect our creek edge from deteriorating further.   A few tons of new bunker sand was added to the bunker as well as the other 3 bunkers around the green.

The warm summer weather has finally showed up.  As of today, we are experiencing our fourth 90 degree day in a row. I’m sure you’ll see us out cooling off greens in the afternoons very soon.

Stay hydrated out there and be sure to say hi!

Have a great 4th of July! And, as always, Go Bucks!

Dave Norris, Superintendent