Cooler Temps Ahead!

With the days getting shorter and football season upon us, the course is finally getting a break from the heat!  The night time temps aren’t as harsh and we’ve even gotten some much needed precipitation.  From July 23rd through August 25th, we had only received a 1/2 inch of rainfall at the course.  Over the past three days we received 1.5 inches total.  As you can see, by the conditions of our turf and by the numbers,  we needed it badly.  The rain has helped a lot of stressed areas heal almost over night.  Rough has perked back up and we are back to mowing the rough on a consistent basis.

This past month we repaired a few sections of cart path on the course.  A couple small sections at #2 tee and at #12 green were redone.  The largest section was repaired on #4 tee.  This stretch was about 150ft of path and was one of the worst areas on the entire course.  Cart Path repair is at the top of my list for improvement for the foreseeable future.  For the time being,  patch work will be done to bandage more areas until we can get in there and completely redo them.

This past month the rough was treated for grubs amongst other insects.  This time of year it’s good to apply these products before grubs cause damage to the turf.  We have had a lot of success the past few years treating the rough with the same product and this season should be no different.  We treat the same areas each year where we have seen damage in the past and each year we keep seeing less. This will also keep animals such as skunks and raccoons from tarring up the turf to get to the insects.

We hope everyone has a relaxing Labor Day weekend!  The weather should be perfect for some great conditions out on the course.   Greens aerification is next week!

Football is back so as always,

GO BUCKS!!!!!! Beat FAU!

Dave Norris,  Superintendent