Tidying up

We spent last week finishing up some projects from this past winter.  We straightened all of the trees on the front drive and packed soil around them.  We trenched in our main irrigation feed line down the left side of the drive to feed the heads that we will be installing in April.  We picked up 10 Cleveland Select Pear trees and planted them in the parking lot islands and around the bag drop area.  Our sod was delivered on Wednesday and we spent 2 days sodding stump holes and both of the front islands in the lot.  The islands turned out really well.  This will provide a much cleaner look as well as providing better visibility for cars travelling through the lot.  Once we had completed the clubhouse area, we focused our attention to areas around the golf course.  Almost all of the stump grindings have been cleaned out and most of the holes have been filled with topsoil.  We will be finishing up this process in the next few weeks and they will be seeded/sodded when temperatures come up a little.

On Monday afternoon we worked on the South chipping green bunker and the rough that surrounds the green.  Originally, the rough alongside the green was sodded with Kentucky Bluegrass.  When the greens project was done, I chose a Turf Type Tall Fescue to sod around all of the greens complexes.  This type of turf holds up a lot better to the traffic and wear that those areas receive from foot traffic as well as from greens mowers.  As many of you know, there is a difference in playability between the two types of turf.  Since we did not renovate the south chipping green in 2012, we did not re-sod the rough around it.  In order to match course conditions with the practice area, we stripped out 4 feet of rough along the green and installed new fescue sod .  While we were at it, we also stripped the right side of the bunker bank.  This area has been built up with sand over the years.  There was approximately 18 to 20 inches of sand built up on the bunker face.  Once we stripped the sod off we shoveled off the sand and re-shaped the face to match the rest of the bunker.  We will keep on a schedule to do this every few years to keep the bunker bank looking exactly the way it was designed.