Seeking High Ground

Last week gave us quite a 3 day stretch of rain. For a minute there, I didn’t think I would ever see blue sky again. In anticipation of all this rain and opening last Wednesday, we worked very hard to get the greens rolled and mowed, fairways and tees blown off and mowed, and the majority of the work was spent in the bunkers. We finished cleaning up the edges and pulled sand off of the faces to reshape them. While we were shaping them, we cut out torn up pieces of matting and properly repaired them. If the weather permits and it is dry enough next week, we will be adding sand to the bunkers.

We also took delivery of 3 pieces of equipment last week.  Our Toro 4500 and 3500 Sidewinder rough mowers came in as well as our multi-purpose  Amazone attachment. The two rough mowers replaced units that were over 12 years old and were becoming less reliable. The Amazone is a machine the hooks to the back of a tractor and is run by the tractors PTO. The PTO drives a metal drum that has different blades attached to it.  Depending on what depth you set the drum off the ground, you can vertical mow turf, mow native areas, pulverize aerification cores, and collect leaves. The beauty of this machine is that in all of these practices, the machine will collect all of the debris deposit it into the “dumpster” behind the metal drum. Then with the flip of a hydraulic lever, the dumpster will lift up and dump the material. The Amazone essentially replaces 3 pieces of equipment that we currently own and will cut down labor significantly, especially in the fall. Instead of having one person blowing leaves and 3 people sucking them up with our leaf vac, we will now have 1 person blowing and 1 person on the Amazone sucking up and mulching leaves while collecting them. Not to mention that it will take about half of the time.